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Here is a selection of reports from exhibitions that Steve DT was involved with.


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 The Nude Laid Bare

Brighton, May 2005


Only three months after the second Fetichegram exhibition, and the man, Steve DT was out and about again with a brand new erotica exhibition of sexy sensual fotos. It was produced in double quick time for the Brighton Festival Fringe and held at the Taboo Adult Shop (probably the most unusual venue listed for the Fringe).

‘The Nude Laid Bare’ was a very different show from the previous one and it featured a baker’s dozen of female nudes. Everybody loves a nude and this time there was no exception: vibrant, sexy, sensual, lustful, hot and even including pregnant.

The nude does not need to be dressed in old fashioned symbols to be enjoyed. Depth is in the connection enjoyed by the viewer.

Thanks to the assistance of and co-operation of the wonderful Taboo Adult Shop, this show had found itself a very classy adult venue, and the Fringe had found itself a little cheekiness to keep its spirits up.

The exhibition was well received and there were quite a few visitors. Also it was listed / noted within several national publications and web sites.

Although now no longer online, Steve DT had created an online shop with CafePress, which created specific merchandise based on several of the images from the exhibition; from clothes to mousemats. Note: nothing stupid like baseball caps had been produced, and all the merchandise had been designed with care and attention to the final look. The 'Bare Essentials' series was off-lined by Steve DT in early 2014.

Finally, the Guild of Erotic Artists fielded a strong presence during the Festival, and they were (directly or indirectly) involved in three further separate shows. Brighton famed for its rudery needs to top itself up once in a while... and the Guild and 'Nude Laid Bare' were glad to be on hand.

Fringe Brochure details featuring 'Nude with Heart'

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