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Jade 2014 Awards. Steve DT, Runner Up


“Part of the inspiration for my photography derives from the sex industry and its many facets, the rest is intuitive. I believe my work is about enjoying the unspoken, praising the body and recognising its social context.”

Steve DT was born in York, UK in 1961, and originally studied to become an electrical engineer, however, after moonlighting with music management and freelance photography, his path was re-set. Nowadays he concentrates on his style of erotic photography, as shown here (, which went online in 2003.

During the 1980’s Steve DT was engrossed in band management with the goth indie rock band ‘Party Day’ (1981-84), and later with the short-lived indie band ‘Eighty in the Shade’ (1985-6).

As a music photographer (aka Steve Drury), he was labelled as ‘One of the major UK Gothic music photographers of the 80's’. Many fine examples of the early works were originally on in 1999. Later the site was archivally re-sited by This website, Steve Drury Music Photography, displays original and rare photos of Bauhaus, Alien Sex Fiend, Sonic Youth, The Wolfhounds, Gavin Friday, Party Day and . . . the pre-signing days of Def Leppard!

In 2001, Steve DT was interviewed by online ezine (now defunkt), Northern Lines (pdf added here later).

Steve DT began creating his social erotic photography projects, such as; Fetichegrams (the abstract imagery of sex toys), which had its own website ( until 2014. Other projects included Strip! (the eternal joy of the expectation) and 'Performance' (partying - fetish style) amongst others.

2003 and arrives online.

In 2004 Steve DT became a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists. The following year, ‘’ was launched with his Bare Essential's range to coincide with The Nude Laid Bare exhibition (the Cafe Press site was later off-lined in 2014). Later, he produced stills photography for two adult erotic films by Strawberry Seductress; 'Female Fantasies' and 'Feeling It'. Images from these shoots can be seen within the Behind the Scenes Gallery.

Between 2006 and 2013, he was a member of Total Image Nation, a group of artistic photographers who came together to produce exhibitions and to be a forum for ideas. TIN closed in 2013. Also he was a member of the World Photo Organisation between 2013-2016

Since 2011 Steve DT has written numerous online articles on the practicalities of erotic photography as well as delving into the history of early erotic photography, notably that of female photographers. In 2015 he published his 50th online article.

2014-16: Still with an eye on Music; Steve DT provided essential archival photography for both the anniversary re-issue of The Wolfhounds' CD/LP ‘Unseen Ripples from a Pebble’, and McCarthy's LP ‘I am a Wallet’. Of his many websites: there has been various updates for Party (re-launched 2011, after featuring on the Geocities site since 1999). Since 2015 Steve DT has created five vibrant Party Day videos (all online at You Tube) for their songs; 'Opium Gathering', 'Party Day', 'Carousel', 'My Heroine' and 'Flies (Hover mix)'. Another website re-edit and relaunch was Def Leppard: the Early Days (1977-80) (also online since 1999). This site features rare and unseen photography.

In 2014 Steve DT was the Jade Magazine Erotic Artist of the Year Runner Up, thanks to its voting readership.

2016 saw the launch of, which features a cross section of Steve DT’s general work (plus music photography), and includes the desirable ‘Mannequin Show Girls’. Note this is currently off-line (Apr 2019).

In 2017, the demise of the Guild of Erotic Artists meant there were two offsprings. Steve DT naturally felt more at home with the recently reformed The Erotic Art Society. It’s worth noting that the original society was formed 1890, and strangely enough this was around the same time as The Pearl was published in London. The Pearl was the leading erotic magazine in 1897, and was also the inspiration for Steve DT and his Four Dollar Pearl series. Just goes to show - “What goes around . . .”

To date, Steve DT continues to publish numerous erotic images within books and magazines, as well as producing a selection of self-published works. Also he continues to exhibit his social erotica photography in the UK and internationally.

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