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Welcome to this space, which is set aside for Guest Artists.

Expect to see erotic artists added here, be they old, new, well-known or obscure.

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Guest Artists
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Reka Nyari

Reka Nyari
Reka is a fine art and fashion photographer and was born in Finland and raised in Hungary, and she is now based in New York City.

Always with a passion for the arts, she studied at the School of Visual Arts in NY, then modelled before swiching to behind the camera. Her imagery is inspired by the cinema and story telling and her influences include Cindy Sherman, Helmet Newton, Roman Polanski and David Lynch.

Reka Nyari

Reka’s work delves into the world of female sexuality and and it's 'so called place' in society.

Reka Nyari

Beside erotic photography, her works include creating fashion editorials, campaign, album covers and artistic portraits. She has been exhibited in the USA and Europe. In 2010 she received an International Photography Award (IPA) for the Beauty Pro Category.

Her recent book entitled ‘Femme Fatale: Female Erotic Photography’ is a modern and powerful look at beauty and sexuality, and was published in six languages and sold worldwide.

Reka likes to be busy, and has several book projects in the works: a contemporary exploration of the Kamasutra and exploring sensuality through all five senses from a woman’s perspective. She is also painting on her fine art prints and has begun to explore film and video.

Reka Nyari Reka Nyari Reka Nyari

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Online: December 2017

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