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Main Publications

The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography Volume 4 (2013)

(edited by Maxim Jakubowski)

Steve DT was chosen to take part in the latest volume of this very successful series, published by Constable and Robinson in the UK and Running Press in the USA.

The theme of this volume is the ‘Photographer and his/her Muse’. Here Steve DT has published several images inspired and based on his muse, Noe. They have worked together on numerous occassions and he continues to be inspired by her.
Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography Vol 4. ..

Available as a book or an ebook.

Steve DT - Personals: desires in print (2008)

The first book from erotic photographer Steve DT is a collection of photographs which celebrates and is inspired, by the hopes and dreams of adult advertisers and their readers. Both want some control and change to invade their personal lives. Personals adverts are often tucked away within the back pages of newspapers and magazines, and are sometimes overlooked, but they never fail to interest even the passer-by. [Jade Review].
Forum Review
Personals is ONLY available from, and it was published in two formats: the content is the same, and they were formatted to suit their media: a 6" x 9" book and an "A4 sized" ebook . Please see the Preview copy, which is a taster 9 page extract.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. Further information on this project can be found in the Personals Gallery area. Four Dollar Pearl

Photographer of the Year Prize 2008 & 2009: The Book

The Erotic Print Society created a photographic prize, and the result was the Prize Book of exceptional work, which made it very collectable. Steve DT was fortunate to be selected for both annuals, and was one of the few photographers that featured in both. The books contain numerous images from many talented erotic photographers; nude, naked, raw, sensual and sexy.

Both books are now out of print.

Guild of Erotic Artists Volume 2 (2008)

The second book from the exciting, varied and inspirational Guild. As one of the featured artists, Steve DT provided a selection of images from his projects’ Nude Laid Bare, Fetichegrams, Bordello, Fascinations and Duet [Jade Review].

Available direct from at £25.00. The book features 30 excellent erotic artists. Payment can be made on-line to via PAYPAL for UK (price includes postage and packing), for Overseas, please include £5.00/ €10.00 / US$10.00

More Publications

Features the ebook series - Four Dollar Pearl.

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