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steve dt - Four Dollar Pearl No.1-4
steve dt - Jade 72 (cover photo)
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Four Dollar Pearl

Four issues are available as a direct URL download at This series was inspired by the pioneering independent publications that were active below the public surface of Victorian morality. Most notably The Pearl, a leading erotic magazine of its day, published in London in July 1897. Each issue includes genuine Victorian text.

1: Rapture: lost in embrace - Steve DT’s erotic photo record of an adult party’s masquerade ball, which was held in a former Parisian palatial home. The women are beautiful and the men are attentive.

“Spend seemed to follow spend, till we had each of us done it six times, and the last time
I so forgot myself as to fairly bite his shoulder in delight.”
Go to's Rapture: Lost in embrace for a preview copy and to purchase a copy for ONLY $4.00.

2: Dreams of Venus - Steve DT’s thoughts are often filled with Dreams of Venus. From selected photo shoots to walk-ins.

“If I was pleased with my partner at supper I was much more
so now that I could have a fair view of her when perfectly naked.”
Dreams of Venus (4$P)

Go to's Dreams of Venus for a preview copy and to purchase . . . US$4.00.

3: Tender is the Night - Captures the moment when there is a willing submissive to distract you through the moonlit hours. The air is intoxicated with erotic anticipation.

“Our's were the only inhabited chambers in the house at night,
and his lordship seldom left me to sleep alone.”
Tender is the Night (4$P)

Go to's Tender is the Night for a preview copy and to purchase . . . US$4.00.

4: Xcerts - Steve DT provided stills photography for a recent adult erotic film, but the film and its scenes never made it to the finishing line. They were exiled to the digital ether, to be forgotten and to decay, for a variety of reasons; from poor production values to cash failures. Xcerts contains these lost moments and its passion.

“Her nakedness being emphasized by her shoes and
stockings which she had kept on, and by her garters which
she adjusted above her knees when pulling her
stockings tight.”
Xcerts (4$P)
Go to's Xcerts for a preview copy and to purchase a copy for ... Yes... US$4.00.
Jade Magazine Logo
Steve DT fotos were published for many years within Jade: The International Erotic Art & Literature Magazine for the Pleasure of Discerning Adults, (2006-2018). As well as being featured within issue Nºs 36, 43, 98, 117, 136, 141 and 160 (2018). Steve DT has provided the cover photography for Nºs 72 (2010), 118 (2014) and 138 (May 2016). Also achieved the 'Image of the Month' in Nº 141 (2016)

Jade began in May 2002 and folded recently in March 2018 with No.160. It began in paperback form and from 2008 the magazine became ONLY available as a monthly high resolution PDF download via subscription. Through out its life Jade had continued to provide excellent and thoughtful erotica. I am pleased to be a part of its heritage and wish the editor Mark Marsay well for the future.

In 2014 Steve DT achieved an honourary award by the many readers of Jade, and was voted the Erotic Artist of the Year Runner-Up. During our association, Steve DT has enjoyed producing his blend of erotic imagery for esteemed pages of Jade.

Gone but not forgotten.

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