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This site displays the contemporary erotic photography of Steve DT, and his interests in the combination of erotica with social documentary.

“Part of the inspiration for my photography derives from the sex industry and its many facets, the rest is intuitive. I believe my work is about enjoying the unspoken, praising the body and recognising its social context”.

Steve DT has been inspired by several great photographers, whose numbers include Man Ray, Brassaï, Blumenfeld, Newton and Ward, and the selection shown here are of his own nude, fetish, erotic and surreal imagery, caught between the light and the dark.

The images shown here are aranged in themed galleries, for example; ‘Personals’ (adult personal adverts), ‘Strip!’ (undressing to please), ‘Call Me’ (adult advertising in phone booths), ‘Behind the Scenes’ (stills photography from adult film shoots) and ‘Fetichegrams’ (abstract images of sex toys) to name but a few.

Erotic Artist of the Year Runner Up - Jade Magazine in 2014.

Steve DT’s erotic photos have been published many times and he has exhibited in both solo and group shows internationally. And continues to do so.

One should remember “Erotic art is comfort to the soul and inspiration for the senses”.

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Steve DT portfolio of erotic photography
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“In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated”
..- August Sander.
On the wire . . . With Steve DT (Apr 2019)

Steve DT continues to explore the glorious and erotic female body, through the variety of light and shade. A new Gallery page has been added - Nude Sonora, and the page - The Nude Laid Bare is no longer online. Also more new additions to Mirrorswhere the eroticism of mirrors is to play with a kindred spirit.

The truly excellent Reka Nyari has been added to the artists section.

Recently Steve DT became a member of The Erotic Art Society which was rekindled by Jade magazine. And it was sad to see Jade call it a day in March 2018, after 160 monthly issues. Well done to its Editor, Mark Marsay, for his dedication and all the best for his future endeavours.

Steve DT was included in The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography Volume 4 (2013) and featured alongside such erotic photographers as Craig Morey, Charles Gatewood, Dave Naz, George Pitts and John Santerineross. Steve DT Press Release.

The book contained the work of 74 international photographers, and the theme of this collection was ‘The Muse’. Steve DT’s contribution to this book was a delicious collection of images from his favourite Muse, Noe. Expect to see a publication on this very muse shortly. Currently Noe features in several of Steve DT's gallery projects, as well as being central to the A Muse project.

Erotogenous: producing erotic desire or gratification

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