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Here is a selection of reports from exhibitions that Steve DT was involved with.


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'Steve DT with 'Nude with Heart'


London, October 2006
'Steve DT with 'Nude with Heart'
Total Image Nation finally touched down in London at the Menier Gallery (London Bridge area) with its group show 'Foreword'.

The show's statement of intent was focussed on 'What is to come'. This brief provided many strong images in various sectors, and resulted in an interesting eclectic mix of landscapes, documentary, thoughtful and playful.

Steve DT brought along the foto 'Nude with Heart', hoping it would provide a delightful counter- balance to some of the images on show. And delightfully so, her colourful and cheeky persona lept off the wall.

The preview night was a joy of celebration and networking as the gallery overflowed with activity for several hours, which was nicely captured by Shutter Hub (formerly TIN). And later on during the week's run, lots of interested visitors came through the door. On the day I invigilated the exhibition, we noted a few staff members from the nearby Tate Modern taking a peak.

The Art Buyer by Annalisa Banello preview night- hustle and bustle Steve DT's 'Nude with Heart' foto

For me, the outstanding artwork on show came from Annalisa Banello (the Art Buyer, shown below left) and Natasha Allen (a collection of landscapes). Overall, this was a visual strong show. Shown here are a few Steve DT foto highlights from the preview night.

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