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Here is a selection of reports from exhibitions that Steve DT was involved with.


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 Fetichegram 2: intimate joys

Brighton, February 2005
Fetichegram Series 2
'Intimate Joys' - delicious words of a carnal nature. The Fetichegram keeps on rolling, and the George Street Gallery in Brighton became the next outing for this erotica of sex toys in imaginary surrounds. This time, there were 20 Fetichegrams on display, a few more than in the previous exhibition in Atlanta.
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At the Private View, Steve DT held an erotica raffle and there were two lucky guests (male and female) who each won a framed digital print of series 2 No.3 (the Fetichegram poster image) plus a sexy intimate toy (courtesy of the Brighton's favourite adult shop, Taboo [thanks Tim]). It was an enjoyable time for all those who had attended.

Also the exhibition proved a hit with the press too, so many thanks to Forum Magazine, Source, Blue Guide to Brighton, Argus Newspaper and the numerous websites that promoted the show e.g.: London Fetish Scene. In addition I was fortunate to have been asked to do a live radio interview with BBC Southern FM early on their breakfast show. Discussions of sex toys over breakfast (is that a boiled egg!) - what is the nation coming to - it's just not cricket!

Further examples of Series 1 and 2 can be found in the Fetichegram gallery section of
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