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  Modelling for Steve DT

'Mirrors' series
Hello, I'm always on the look out for models (amateurs or semi-professionals, who are over 18 years old) and who are interested in modelling for erotic / fetish photo art.

'A Muse' series
You may have seen that I tend to work, and display on, imagery that is themed, e.g. Call Me, Nude Laid Bare. Photograph shown on this site, in future, may become exhibitions or published either as hard copy or for emagazines.

The overall theme of my photography is Contemporary Erotica . . . well, no surprises there. These images are from abstract through to full figure and sometimes explicit. It'll be a healthy platter of classic nude and tasty glamour, served up with a healthy sprinkling of fetish. I try to cover the range from Ardent to Zestful via Racy'.

'Titillate' series
I will not insult your intelligence by saying that your taking part "is only for the fun of it and / or to increase your portfolio" (better known as TFP/TFCD - 'Time for prints/CD'). Should we go ahead with the shoot, your time will be paid for. I am not interested in TFP work or collecting images, but prefer to focus on the specific themes/ series that I want to work on. How ever, should you wish to have an input into the ideas, I am always glad to hear possible suggestions.

The shoot location will depend on what is required, usually within a studio, and occasionally at home, maybe your home or outdoors. Please note that you will be required to sign a model release form prior to the shoot.

Make It Fun

Let's make it sexy too. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm fed up with the blandness, and the philosophy that says 'she's wearing sexy clothes, therefore she is sexy' or 'she's naked - that's it!'. This just isn't enough. So, to overcome this, my normal practice is to 'tailer' the requirements to:-
  1. the look of the model
  2. what she / he 's interested in
'A Muse' series
After all, if you don't like what you're doing, it'll show right through to the final fotos and then we'll all be bored and fed-up. One should note that my aim is to capture interesting and sexy pictures in order to provoke an interest or raise the temperature - or both! So, tell me a bit more about yourself:-
  1. hair colour
  2. build (dress size)
  3. any piercings and /or tattoos
  4. modelling experience
  5. the type of modelling you want to do
  6. or whatever you want to say

Ideas In Motion

Currently I'm working on ideas of concerning pole dancing, bordellos, 'suicide girls', as well as expanding on current series'.


Finally, the safety of the model is a priority, therefore if necessary you would be more than welcome to have a friend/partner in attendance at all times.

The Next Step

'Nude Laid Bare' series
For further examples, click on any of the galleries (listed top left) for a flavour of Steve DT's photography. If this has aroused your interest, please contact me at, to discuss modelling.

Also, please attach a foto of yourself to the email, so I can see what you look like. The preferred format would be a JPEG with a resolution of 72dpi and a pixel dimension of approximately 600 x 400. NOTE: I do not require a professional image, this is just for reference.

Please note that even though I'm now based on the South coast, I continue to work in London, and sometimes in the Brighton area.

Thanks for dropping by.

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